Family Charter

Family Charter

The Family Charter is a document entitles a set of principles, core values, ground rules that controls and monitor the acts and behavior at both family and business levels.

The Family Charter provides a sustainability reference framework for several generations to come. It serves in minimizing the disputes between Family members and enables them…

We work in partnership with Family key members and under the supervision of the founder(s) in setting and mapping the Family core values as, the business values, and charter ground rules.


The Family charter gains its importance in Governance as it provides ground rules and guidelines that segregate between the Family, Ownership and Management affairs and control any potential overlaps.

ميثاق الشركات العائلية
Family Charter

Scope of work

The Family Charter is prepared within a period of 3 to 6 months as follows:

1- Conducting 1 to 1 meetings with the founder and senior family key members to collect their expectations & inputs for both the corporate and family levels.

2- Holding multiple focused groups workshops with the first generation of family aimed to raise their awareness about the Family Charter objectives / benefits, their roles & responsibilities in developing/drafting the charter and promoting the adherence / compliance to the Charter Articles.

3- Written questionnaires.

4- All inputs, and family members perceptions / expectations are collected, and analyzed to generate the first charter version.

5- Presentation and discussion of 1st charter, review the content, and then regeneration of the charter.

6- The final version approval.

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