Organizational Health / General Assessment OHA

Organizational Health / General Assessment OHA

We pay full attention to the organizational health General Assessment phase because its plays a role in identifying the status of the organization and the gap analysis on which we build an appropriate development and restructuring plan.

The assessment will be based on the McKinsey 7S’s framework which provide simple and holistic assessment tool coving the following fundamental organizational pillars:


That includes vision, mission, core values, and organization’s grand strategies which all provide a roadmap to develop the operational plans. The strategy pillar considers the identification and development for key performance indicators “KPI’s” which serve in measuring/ tracking the actual performance compared to strategy/plan.


Describes how organization is divided into sectors, business units, divisions, etc. the organization structure should include job descriptions, delegation of Authority Matrix (DoA) that controls and governs the power, and Service-level Agreement (SLA) that defines the inter-functional relationships.

تقييم وفحص إداري عام
McKinesy 7S’s


Entail the business and technical policies, procedures of the company that establishes workflows that institutionalize the decision-making.


Refer to the capabilities and competencies of a company that enables its people to achieve its objectives.


involves talent exists in the company, the talent management, and all human resources related decisions, personnel affairs, performance management, training, recruiting, rewards and recognition systems.


The senior managers attitude, behavior, their ways of interactions, and symbolic decision-making, which shapes the management style of its leaders.

Shared Values

The mission, and core values that form the foundation of the organization and play an important role in aligning all key elements to maintain an effective organizational design.

Through the Assessment process with a degree of detail for each pillar, the strengths, gaps, weaknesses and shortcomings are identified, so that the gap analysis forms the basis for the appropriate development, improvement and restructuring plan.

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